Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Brain is Beginning to Atrophy

I'm currently trying to rub together the two brain cells I have left and get back to being productive. I need a life change damn it!

I know it's been awhile but a lot has happened since I last logged in. I'm moving to a new apartment just outside of the city and am both anxious and excited. I'm also working on my grad school applications. I feel stupid calling up my professors and asking them for a recommendation. The first question I'll get is "What happened to law school?" the second will be, "Why do you want to get a master's in English?". I'm all over the map. How embarrassing. Still, school never hurt anyone.

I have to go back to school. I can feel my brain begin to atrophy just sitting in the club all day. My new apartment is a teeny tiny one bedroom in Sausalito. I'm moving in, in two days and haven't even begun to pack. I was just about to pack when I turned on my computer and realized I haven't written a new post in a long time, LOL! I hate packing when I have to downsize. My living space is going to be a lot smaller than it is now.

My goal is to quit the club by September and save up as much as I can before then. It's a lofty goal considering I have no other source of income but I do have some time to brainstorm. My boyfriend thinks I need to slow down with it all... whatever that means. I had a panic attack a few days ago and I haven't had one that bad in a long time. He was there to wittiness it and wanted to take me to the hospital. It was embarrassing at best, I hate having them in front of people. 

I quit Broadway club (actually, I just pulled a 'no show' and never called in) after a bouncer was shot in the entryway. I also found out, after some bitch started shit with me, that in the upstairs dressing room there's a gate in front of dressing room the girls will shut and use to lock the managers out when they decide to jump a bitch. Fuck Broadway! Working in that place is like being in prison.


Natalie said...

omg holy shit! a special jump a bitch gate?? wow....thats crazy!!
fuck that place!!

Anonymous said...

i like your blog- update it please!!!!!