Thursday, December 4, 2008

Just Say No

Wednesday was surreal. I pulled $600 and was incredibly inebriated the entire day. It really wasn't intentional. I was given a cigarette packed with weed and was so dunk on gin martinis that by the time a realized what it was I had smoked half of it. I don't smoke at work. It makes me paranoid.

My day in a nutshell: 2pm- Champagne room with regular.
Me: Sipping gin martinis on my costumer's lap
Him: Begging me to go out with him.
Me: guzzling my martinis
Him: Getting more annoying.
3pm- Another regular comes in. Hands me a cigarette full of weed which about ruins my day. I demand he buy dances from me every time I'm on rotation for main stage because I'm too paranoid to go up. He backs down and submits. The only problem is we're both too fucked up to properly follow what's going on and the next rotation he leaves for the bathroom right when I'm called up to stage. Lame. I almost slipped and fell out of my shoes about a dozen times. How I managed to climb the pole to take my top off on my last song I have no idea.

5pm- Another girl's regular comes up to me and demands to talk about Naom Chompsky for an hour. He tips me $40 bucks. I'm tired and just want to go home. I spend the rest of the evening hiding out in the dressing room. If I wasn't so inebriated I would have told him no.

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Sapphire Smoke said...

Got around to finally reading your blog. It's interesting, you all are so much more strict in CA. In Texas you have to have your top off on stage (or bottoms, if its nude) and during lap dances. Even our "strict" rules can be bent a little. Lmao, I'd be so quickly fired if I ever tried to work at any club up there. Its so a complete 180 than what I'm used to.