Monday, February 23, 2009

I Came Out Of The Pole Closet... to my Mom!

I told my mother I was a stripper yesterday. My cat has been really sick. He has kidney renal failure and he's only two. I've taken him to four vets and all of them say he must have been born with bad kidneys. My mom came over to my house in the city to look at him. She loves him too. We went to dinner and a movie. Over dinner I outed myself. I don't like lying to my family and I wanted to come clean. She was fine with it. Then we went to see The Wrester. Bad idea.

I've been under a lot of stress lately with my cat and vet bills. His vet bills are almost $3,000.00. If I wasn't stripping I wouldn't be able to afford his meds or his prescription food let alone take him to the vet. Times are tough all around. 

I forgot Marisa Tomei plays an older stripper in The Wrestler. After the movie my mom immediately launched into my degree, how hard she worked at helping me get a college education and how she will support me in whatever I do as long as I'm moving forward. I agree with her. It really made me think. Since then I've worked on my resume (I have a couple of VP friends at different companies helping me fill in some gaps) and am looking for unpaid internships at local magazines. I have the money to do it. Why not? Maybe it will help me get into the Grad school I want to go to. My mom always helps me put things into perspective. Honesty really is the best policy.

Some dancers were outed as call girls last week and were fired imediatley. Apparently management finally found their website. I was wondering when that was going to happen.

In other news, I've gotten my friend Summer to come work with me! It's been so much more lucrative tag teaming guys with her. It's also a lot of fun. We decided to branch out from our 'mother club' in the finance district and go to a club on Broadway. We both love it. So far we've been working one night a week at the Broadway club and three times a week at our mother club. I find that I don't drink or smoke nearly as much around her because she hardly drinks and doesn't smoke at all. I should end this update here. We're working on Broadway tonight and I'm supposed to meet Summer at the spa in half an hour to get our spray tans. 

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Natalie said...

yat good for you!

and im glad u told ur mom...lying is no fun. Plus- its yor mom, she'll love you no matter what